Newsletter Highlights – February 2021

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2021!

It’s been a difficult 2020 but we more or less made it through. We have lost some of what makes our neighborhood so desirable – sense of community. Housebound and masked is not our preferred method on interaction. We missed new neighbors, new owners, new babies, new jobs, new partners, new businesses. Hopefully we are out and about again soon, making new connections.

Death of Long Time 2nd Street Homeowner

Long time 2nd Street homeowner Elizabeth Thompson dies peacefully in Sacramento, CA on Dec. 26, 2020 of heart failure after a long battle with lupus.

In the late 1980’s, as a young woman, Elizabeth came to the US from Liberia in the midst of a bloody revolution. She attended Sage College, but without resources, she dumpster dived & for a short time secretly lived in the library. On graduation, she was hired as a bookkeeper for a small company, had medical insurance & a promising life. Then the business closed. After losing health care, Elizabeth developed lupus & lost kidney function, requiring exhausting 3 day a week dialysis. For years she was hospitalized with some regularity; friends, on occasion, regarded her death as imminent. Her illness limited her life, though after more than 20 years of dialysis, she outlasted all expectations but her own. Her illness limited her life but not her spirit.

In the 1990’s she bought a vacant, deteriorating city owned property on 2nd Street, demolishing outbuildings & renovating with style. She was tiny, tough & proud. Elizabeth had grit & was an unapologetic force of nature who alone determined her environment.

Elizabeth came home from dialysis on Aug. 5, 2019 to find Troy police & fire department surrounding her house with clouds of smoke & flames billowing from her 2nd story windows. The result of an electrical fire, the house was unlivable & her life in Troy became even more difficult, Elizabeth sold her home & moved in with family in a variety of locations across the country.

Elizabeth passes having shared a tenacious will to live large.

Ekologic Relocated

Ekologic relocated to 184 4th Street, the heart of the Pottery District. The former St. Anne’s Church is now a design studio & production facility. Kathleen & Charlie Tesnakis saw the property as perfect for their recycled clothing business. While Ekologic does not have a traditional storefront, they are still open for business via virtual or in person appointments. Visit the store at Their recycled cashmere is perfect for your pandemic party wear.

Demolition of St. Jean’s Church

St. Jean’s Church, one block south of the Park on 2nd Street, has been demolished after years of wishful thinking (probably some prayers also) for a positive transformation.

Materials such as the slate roof were salvaged for reuse.

2020 Caroling

Thanks to the 30 hearty carolers who braved the very cold December weather to continue our annual tradition. We missed the piano, the fabulous foods & beverages & the usual large turnout. However, we did raise our voices in song.

Troy Farmers Market –

The Troy Market in its new temporary indoor location –865 Second Avenue, Lansingburgh (the former Price Chopper). Saturday from 9 to 2!

St. Mary’s Lighting

St. Mary’s Church came alive on Christmas Eve & Day with illumination & bells. Thanks to the Park’s Gabe Schaftlein for the idea & owner Peter Jenkins for embracing it. The large round front stained glass window was lit & the bell was rung at 6pm & noon. Technical issues are still being worked out so the window can be lit each evening.

Stolen Packages

Be alert for package deliveries. Packages are disappearing from stoops. Report all stolen packages to Troy Police. The Troy Mart at Hill & Adams will accept delivery of packages & hold them for pick up. Please contact the Troy Mart staff for information.

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Coming Soon

An End to the Pandemic?

Follow CDC guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID19. Wear masks. Social distance. Wash hands. It’s a community effort and we are a pretty terrific community. We are looking forward to: Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Picnics, Omelets in the Park, Christmas Caroling

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