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When Washington Park was laid out in 1840, only Washington Place, at the end further from downtown, had been built. Most lots were filled by 1865, although some buildings were replaced between 1880 and 1920. Although many Washington Park houses were converted into apartments between 1916 and 1946, the neighborhood continued to be the home of the prosperous until the beginning of the post-war suburban housing boom.

In the last third of the twentieth century, as owners aged in place and young families chose suburbia, Washington Park became a neighborhood of students and retirees. Grand houses were converted into funeral homes (in 1966, there were four!) or institutional uses. Today, increased interest in urban living and historic restoration has brought new owner-occupants to the neighborhood, but many homes are still available at reasonable prices.

More detailed information, along with research sources and questions for future research, can be viewed or downloaded:

Early Disasters: 1840-1863 (pdf)

Prosperity: 1864-1916 (pdf)

Modern Times: 1917-1946 (pdf)

Washington Park Walking Tour – Complete booklet (pdf)

Washington Park Architecture (pdf)

Washington Park Walking Tour (pdf)

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