Row House Facts …

Although Washington Park is a neighborhood of row houses, only the ten Washington Place units present the unified single facade typical of Manhattan row houses. Most of the homes were built in ones and twos, with the result that the neighborhood provides a full catalog of Victorian house styles within its 66 lots.

The typical row house plan divides easily into apartments, and as family size and housing space expectations fell in the early twentieth century, many (but not all) homes were converted into multi-family dwellings. Some of these apartments must have been quite luxurious, as they were the homes of local business leaders until after World War II.

The fact sheets below provide more detailed information on how these houses originally functioned, typical twentieth-century updates, and resources for planning your restoration:

The rowhouse plan (pdf)

Public spaces: hall, parlor(s), dining room

Private spaces: bedchambers and special rooms (pdf)

Service spaces: kitchens and baths (pdf)

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